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Autodesk Revit

2025, 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

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Data Ctrl automatically pushes parametric information through the entire electrical network, maintaining up-to-date parameter values as you modify the network's elements. Data Ctrl also pushes the parameter values to the Run Schedule. Any changes made to the Run Schedule are transferred accordingly to the conduit or cable tray network.


Data Ctrl operates quietly in the background, allowing you to focus on what matters most. You simply select the parameters you want to use, and our app handles the rest.


This app is compatible with the following electrical systems:

  • Conduits
  • Conduit Run Schedule
  • Cable Trays
  • Cable Tray Run Schedule


Data Ctrl also offers additional features to streamline data management in your electrical model:


  • Export Schedule: This feature allows you to export schedules to Excel® file(s), even if Excel isn't installed on your system, enhancing data management efficiency.
  • Match Parameters: This feature enables you to copy parameter values from one run to multiple others.
  • Equipment From and To: Copy the equipment name value and distribute it among the selected runs.


When editing individual elements in a run, Data Ctrl pushes updated parameter values to all connected elements or a single run to maintain consistent information in the schedules.


(Default Value: Push update to single run)

To change this setting, go to: Parameters -> Selected Parameters -> When Editing.


Understanding a Single Run:

A single run includes all connected conduits or cable trays and fittings of the 'Elbow' type. Any other type of fitting breaks a run into two or more segments. This rule applies to all electrical systems.


 Want to give it a try? A FREE TRIAL version, which includes the full functionality of Data Ctrl, is available for download.


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