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2025, 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

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Version History

Version Number Version Date Version Description
25.0.2 May-16-2024 - Fixed an issue that prevented links from opening in Revit 2025. - Fixed an issue that occurred during the transfer of views. - Fixed an issue that resulted in multiple instances of schedules on a sheet when transferring views. Important: Please review the revision notes for version 25.0.0, which include significant improvements.
25.0.1 Apr-17-2024 Resolved an issue with the notification button that was reporting an error. Important: Please review the revision notes for version 25.0.0, which include significant improvements.
25.0.0 Apr-12-2024 - Added support for Revit 2025. - Dropped support for Revit 2019. - Version now matches the latest Revit version supported. IMPROVEMENTS: - Introduced a new user interface (UI) optimized for Windows 11 and high-resolution screens. - Significantly increased speed when duplicating assembly views. - Added a progress dialog when duplicating assembly views. - Enhanced the loading speed for the duplicate views dialog. - Viewport titles now match their location on sheets for Revit 2022 and above. - 3D views are now oriented according to the assembly origin. - Improved view placements on sheets. - Added more sheet detail categories to duplicate. NEW FEATURES: - Introduction of Keyword Sets. We are working to standardize assemblies so that the assembly origin aligns with the assembly orientation. Keywords enable consistency with the assembly view type such as front, left, right, back, top, etc. Keyword Sets allow for maintaining different types of keywords per assembly type. - Export/Import functionality for Keyword Sets. RESOLVED ISSUES: - Fixed an issue that prevented the duplication of assembly views. - The 'Far Clip Offset' parameter is no longer copied from the referenced view. - Apply a fix to attempt to resolve a rare issue with settings files getting corrupted. - Various other fixes for an improved user experience.
2.0.1 Apr-27-2023 - Added support for Autodesk® Revit® 2024. - Fixed Issue - Resolved a problem where some parameter values were not being copied when transferring views NEW IN VERSION 2: Added Keyword Feature - Automatically identifies view types by matching keywords in view names. If no keyword match, project origin and view orientation are used for view generation. Expanded Project Schedules - Now supports any category or multi-category project schedules for duplicating or transferring within assembly sheets.
1.3.5 Dec-9-2022 - Transfer Views now import Element Types such as Viewport, 3D View, and Detail View types if they are not found in the current project. - This update also attempts to fix an issue with random numbers getting added at the end of view names. The cause is unknown so please let us know if the issue persists even with the update.
1.2.1 Jun-28-2022 Added support for auto-rename when changing assembly type in the properties window. It will also apply compatibility when change type occurs.
1.2.0 Jun-22-2022 NEW FEATURES - Auto-Rename: When renaming an assembly the following elements will be renamed automatically. * Assembly view and schedule names * Sheet names and numbers * Run schedule names and filters - When Duplicating or Transferring views: If a conduit or cable tray run schedule is found in an assembly sheet, EzAssembly will create a run schedule in the project and will replace the old assembly name with the new assembly in the schedule name and filters. In addition, it will place the new created schedule in the new sheet.
1.1.2 May-6-2022 Fixed a minor issue with a form control.
1.1.0 May-2-2022 -Added support for Autodesk® Revit® 2023. -Added an option to duplicate views only (Duplicate Sheets check box).
1.0.0 Feb-15-2022 Initial Release